A downloadable exploration for Windows

Explore Kids Speculative Evolution Drawings!

Controls are...

W,A,S,D to Walk

Mouse to Look

Spacebar to Jump

You'll have to alt+tab out to quit the program.

See the original Animation and get more info here https://evolutionanimation.wordpress.com/what-is-this/

Originally an animation project where I would teach kids (and adults!) about evolution through drawing, this project is a (very) old Unity build originally meant for Virtual Reality, but one you can play with a mouse and keyboard!

In my initial project, I get kids to draw pictures with crayon based off an original image I create. These images aren't exact, and thus 'mutate'. From there I cause mass extinctions and have the kids vote on the remainder, with this drawing starting a new generation. This continues for generation after generation, amassing hundreds of drawings.

With this demo, I took a section of time in this imaginary world (in this case, something akin to the Carboniferous on Earth) and put various plants, insects and animals that would be living at that moment in time and set them loose in a kind of living diorama.

This was originally a VR project for the early versions of the Oculus Rift, but I thought I would upload an old non-VR version for people to try. I have a Vive re-make in the works, but being my first Unity project it was almost impossible to get and keep the framerate at 90fps.

Install instructions

Just unzip and make sure the _Data file and .exe are next to each other, and you should be set!


Tyler_Rhodes_evolution_0.5.zip (79 MB)

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