A downloadable blob squirter for Windows

Squirt some sticky cubes!

This is a Vive virtual-reality toy

In Plasmic, the "Plasmids" (little cubes) move around on their own, and when they stick to another cube of the same color, they'll move together as a unit!

If left to their own devices, the Plasmids will form and reform into interesting shapes all on their own, or you can just smash them apart! Or pick them up! Or headbutt them!

The triggers on either Vive controller will spawn the Pink or Blue Plasmids, respectively. Each Plasmid will only stick to the same color Plasmid.

Casually move your thumb over the Trackpad to the Left, and you'll spawn Plasmids that are more fluid. These will eventually fall to your feet and roll around.

Move your thumb on the Trackpad to the Right and the Plasmids will spawn stuck in the air, and fall very slowly. You can try writing things with the Plasmids this way, or building weird structures! But remember, the Plasmids are still 'alive' and may move where you don't intend them!

If you need to for any reason, press R to reload the scene, and ESC to exit.

More information

Published136 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsblobs, plasmic, plasmids, Virtual Reality, vive

Install instructions

Just unzip and make sure the data folder and .exe are in the same place. Your Vive should take it from there.


Plasmic-Tyler Rhodes -Vive Demo 0.1.zip (42 MB)


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Loved this toy! It was a ton of fun spinning around and shooting tons of cubes all over the place.


Thanks for playing!